Are you here for the first time?
Have you not heard of virtual tours?
Do you have a problem running or virtual tour control?
You cannot download necessary plugins for your browser?

If you answered “yes” to at least one of previous questions, read on. We have prepared detailed help for you.

What is a virtual tour?
Virtuálna prehliadka je interaktívna fotografia, ktorá zobrazuje priestor v zornom uhle 360° x 180°. A virtual tour is an interactive photography which shows space in angle of vision 360°x180°. By means of a mouse you may “look around” you in all sides. The virtual tour provides visitors to present perfectly any space.

What do you need to see virtual tour?
Portal Slovakia3D is optimized for three most frequently used internet browsers (Internet Explorer, Mozila Firefox, Opera) and for seeing virtual tours it is necessary to install at least one of the following technologies:

   Typ    Technology    Popis
13.8 MB
I Seemedia Advantage of this technology is picture focusing after zooming and immediate viewing of picture after starting. This technology is based on using ZIS server - requires Java.
1.4 MB
ImmerVision This technology offers you an experience from fullscreen mode, zooming however does not have the quality of ZIS technology - requires Java or Flash. At the moment our portal is offering only Flash version.
279 kB
DevalVR Advantage of this technology is smoothness of presented picture. It uses its own engine, which runs Qucktime files.
   All plugins can be downloaded for free.

Do you have problems with virtual tours control?
Each mentioned technology has its own control panel.

I Seemedia

Choose button from control tool bar and click on panorama. Explanations of buttons from left side:
1. - zoom in; 2. - zoom out; 3. - move panorama; 4. - reset (begin point); 5. - EN help


Just click buttons. Explanations from left side.
1. - on/off (hotspot - jump between panoramas); 2. - on/off (artificial sun); 3. - play/stop (automatically rotation); 4. - fullscreen (off click ESC)
Virtual catalog panoramas

Ďumbier (túra) - 6
Bardejov - Bazilika ...
Bardejov - Radničné ...
SNM – Múzeum ...
SNM – Múzeum ...
SNM – Múzeum ...
SNM – Múzeum ...
SNM – Múzeum ...
SNM – Múzeum ...
SNM – Múzeum ...
SNM – Múzeum ...
SNM – Múzeum ...
Ďumbier (túra) - 5
Ďumbier (túra) - 4 ...
Ďumbier (túra) - 3 ...
Ďumbier (túra) - 2 ...
Ďumbier (túra) - 1
Priečne sedlo - 2
SNM – Múzeum ...
SNM – Múzeum ...
Priečne sedlo - 5
Priečne sedlo - 7
Priečne sedlo - 8 ...
Priečne sedlo - 6
Priečne sedlo - 3 ...
Optimalized for
resolution 1000 pixels
and internet browsers: