Welcome to portal Slovakia 3D, whose main aim is the promotion of the Slovak Republic. Unstoppable technological development has brought with itself a new system of presentation – virtual tour. This system is able to transmit a visitor to a selected location, give him a possibility to see before unvisited places “with his own eyes“, “to go for a walk” in the highest peaks of our mountains, “to refresh” body and soul in aquaparks, entertainment centres. Simply it will help you, visitors of this portal, bring places of Slovakia nearer, which you do not know and enable the selection of domestic holiday destination exactly according to your ideas..

We wish you pleasantly and usefully spent time in portal Slovakia3D.
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Ďumbier (túra)
Priečne sedlo
Verejná knižnica M. ...
Kôprovský štít
Martinské hole
Veľká Rača - Lalíky ...
Zbojnícka chata ...
Solisko - zima
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